March 2, 2015
Norman, OK

 For Immediate Release
Contact: Scott Owens
Phone: 405-329-5556

ProOxine®AH Now Claims Efficacy Against PED

The United States Environmental Protection Agency recently approved the label language for Bio-Cide International’s ProOxine® AH product to include efficacy against Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) virus.

PED is a deadly viral disease that impacts pigs. Although it is not a food safety concern, the condition kills newborn pigs within a week, resulting in significant losses to the hog industry. The disease is caused by corona viral strain PorCoV HKU15 which attacks the cell lining of the small intestine, causing severe diarrhea and dehydration. Dr. Neeraj Khanna, Vice President of Technical Affairs, cautions that “growers should be careful not to underestimate the viciousness of this virus, as it hides very well in the surroundings and spreads rapidly.” He adds that “Bio-Cide International has contributed significantly to provide the best solution in its prevention and eradication. The test results demonstrate that the company’s product ProOxine®AH provides complete inactivation of the PED virus. In real life circumstances, the key is to expose this virus to a biocide before it becomes systemic.”

“ProOxine® AH is an EPA-registered product that has served growers in the poultry and porcine industry for decades,” explains Scott Owens, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the company. He further elaborates that “these products have become an integral component in the promotion of good health and well-being of livestock leading to increased profitability. Currently there are no vaccines on the horizon for PED, so the industry needs to employ practices to combat or eliminate this organism through other methods. ProOxine® AH has long been used for premise disinfection to eliminate pathogens associated with these industries. Now, a grower can significantly lower the contamination risk of PED by employing ProOxine® AH as a regular maintenance application.”

ProOxine® AH is distributed through selected and national distributors. For technical information about ProOxine® AH and its applications, contact Bio-Cide International Inc. Customer Service at 1-800-323-1398 or via the contact information below.