For over 35 years, Bio-Cide International has manufactured Oxine and Purogene, proven safe disinfectants effective on a broad spectrum of microorganisms. Located in Norman, Oklahoma, we manufacture a versatile line of chemical disinfectants, sanitizers, deodorizers and preservatives.

Bio-Cide’s products are based on our company’s proprietary chlorine dioxide solution which is environmentally safe and effective against a wide variety of microorganisms in short contact times. The products have been tested for quality, effectiveness and toxicity. Bio-Cide has obtained government approvals, licenses and registrations for each product to assure its authenticity and safety.

The initial chlorine dioxide applications were for water treatment, animal health environments, household and agricultural purposes. The success of these products encouraged expansion into larger commercial applications where product approvals have been granted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Currently, Bio-Cide’s products are instrumental in the elimination of microorganisms found in the medical professions, water treatment, food processing plants, dairy and bottling plants, the seafood industry, air duct ventilation systems, the oil field industry, and the animal health industry.

The chlorine dioxide based products ultimately break down to simple salt leaving no toxic residues. This allows all of our products to be utilized in conjunction with food products and processing equipment as well as certain specific applications in dental, hospital and laboratory environments. The technical advances in Bio-Cide’s products have resulted in a nearly odorless, clear, stable formula which can be stored, transported and used without special consideration.