Titan Tech Sheet

Chlorine Dioxide Generator

titan-1Provides an adjustable concentration and total control over ClO2 activation in high-volume applications.

Benefits and Features:


  • Reliable, user-friendly operation with electronic controls
  • Adjustable and accurate concentration levels
  • Delivers concentration levels between 0.1-1200 ppm
  • No pH dependence
  • Alarm Flashing Strobe
  • Level/Shut down sensors
  • Cost Effective
  • User-friendly/Simple to use
  • Built in Bypass
  • Lockable Safety Enclosure
  • PLC operated (not available on Titan I)
  • Touch-Screen control (not available on Titan I)
  • Can treat volumes up to 300 gpm *
    *May require custom modification

Effective, reliable activation.
The Bio-Cide Solution to sanitation and pathogen control.

Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) has long been recognized as a safe and effective sanitation agent. ClO2’s special properties make  it an ideal choice to meet the challenges of today’s environmentally concerned world. It is also an ideal replacement  for chlorine, providing better than chlorine’s benefits without any of its detriments. ClO2 does not chlorinate organic  material, thus resulting in decreased amounts of trihalomethanes (THMs), haloacetic acids (HAAs), and other chlorinated  organic compounds. ClO2 is a more selective oxidizer than chlorine. It has 2.6 times the oxidizing capacity of chlorine. Unlike chlorine, it does not react with ammonia, ammonium or most organic compounds. Unlike chlorine, chlorine dioxide is biocidal over a very broad pH range. ClO2’s unique properties have a tremendous impact on how it is marketed and applied. ClO2 is unstable and cannot be transported in compressed gas cylinders like chlorine gas; therefore, a ClO2 generator is used on-site to produce chlorine dioxide.

Bio-Cide International, Inc. manufactures generating systems to suit various needs of food processing facilities, cooling  towers, and other industrial applications.  The Titan model is specifically suited for high volume applications up to 300  GPM. The product concentrate can be directly injected into a variable water stream. Titan models II and III are installed with touch screen and PLC controls and are fully automated to adjust the concentration of free and total available chlorine dioxide. Titan III is specifically designed for applications of Acidified Sodium Chlorite (ASC) as regulated by  21CFR173.325 and Bio-Cide International’s exclusive Food Contract Notifications (FCNs) 450, 739 and 900 granted by United States Food and Drug Administration.  Titan models, along with Bio-Cide Internationals registration and approvals make a very effective package for the direct and indirect disinfection of food, equipment, and the processing environment.