Wall Mount AANE

A convenient way to achieve product  activation for continuous large volume applications.

  • wmaane-1Economical
  • Compact design in an enclosed cabinet
  • Eliminates need for manual mixing and dilution
  • Automatically refills reservoir with active product as needed
  • No electricity or wiring required
  • Delivers correct concentration for wide range of applications
  • Easy to install, only one water connection required and 20” x 30” of wall space
  • Lockable safety enclosure

Hands-Free Activation

The Wall Mounted AANE is a cost-efficient system that eliminates the need for manual  mixing of product and   acid. The unit dilutes the activated concentrate and insures  consistency. Requires no electricity or wiring. The Wall  Mounted AANE is designed for users with continuous or batch requirements for activated product. Wall Mounted  AANE is reliable and has been proven in the field for small to large volume of generated product.  Wall Mounted AANE increases efficiency by automatically refilling the solution reservoir  with fresh active product as needed, eliminating the need for measuring and possibility of spills. Wall Mounted AANE is easy to install. Only one water connection is required to provide activation of product to meet a wide range of applications.