Wall Mixing

wms-1An economical, simple and convenient way to achieve product activation.

  • Economical
  • Eliminates need for manual mixing and diluting
  • No electricity or wiring required
  • Delivers any concentration range between 500-4000 ppm
  • Easy to install, only one water connection required.
  • Options available:
    • Single Concentration Unit
    • Dual Concentration Unit

Accurate Hands-Free Mixing

wms-2The Wall Mounted Activation Station (WMS) is  a cost-efficient system that eliminates the  need for manual mixing and diluting while insuring consistent activation every time. No  electricity or wiring required.

WMS is designed to be flexible and deliver activated  solutions for small or high volume applications. WMS is reliable and has been proven in the field.

WMS is easy to install and can be ordered to deliver any concentration range between 500 – 4000 ppm. Only one water connection of at least 30 PSI is required.