Bio-Cide International is a leading, multi-specialty source of chlorine dioxide based antimicrobial technology. Our company has pioneered processes that have revolutionized disinfection and sanitation practices around the globe. From food safety to hydraulic fracturing, Bio-Cide International has been the leader in stabilized chlorine dioxide and acidified sodium chlorite applications. We pride ourselves on assisting our customers in their operations through state-of-the-art expertise. Sanitation of food and equipment are the major sectors of Bio-Cide International’s business. Microbial protection of red meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables are the key areas of growth where we help our customers with regulatory compliance, HACCP implementation, and other food safety and biosecurity issues.

In working together with our customers and regulatory agencies, we bring scientific excellence and rigor to deliver the leading products that make our foods safer. Our products have strong biocidal activity and a broad spectrum of kill against a wide range of disease-causing microorganisms. Major food processors put a high degree of trust and confidence in our brands for use in their facilities and on their products. Our company also excels in Animal Health applications, where it provides the most effective solutions for drinking water. For the last 40 years, Bio-Cide International has served the area of sanitation and disinfection by providing unique formulations, delivery systems, and other market driven solutions. Contact Bio-Cide International to see how we can help you in your operations.

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