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Keeper® Technology Now Certified Organic

Norman, OK

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) recently issued Organic Certification for Keeper® and Keeper®
Professional products, which are intended to be applied as an
anti-microbial agent for the Red Meat, Poultry and Post Harvest Industries.

“Keeper® technology has played a vital role as a major component in HACCP planning for a decade in major meat processing facilities worldwide. Presently, Keeper® Technology is impacting the red meat, poultry, and post harvest industries by providing the highest level of safe and effective antimicrobial activity,” explains Scott Owens, Vice
President of Sales and Marketing for Bio-Cide International Inc, the manufacturer of theKeeper ® product. “The issuance of Organic Certification now allows the organic producer the same level of protection employed by traditional producers.”

“Bio-Cide International has spent years in research and extensive regulatory efforts to launch the Keeper®
technology,” said Bio-Cide’s Dr. Neeraj Khanna, Vice President of Technical Affairs. “The active component in Keeper is Acidified Sodium Chlorite (ASC) – a powerful antimicrobial with adequate residual effect. After its intended technical effect, ASC breaks down into table salt. This is the fundamental premise of Keeper® approval as an organic material,” Khanna added.

Keeper® and Keeper® Professional products are distributed through selected regional and national distributors.

For information about area distribution, or for technical information about Keeper®
Technology and its applications, contact Bio-Cide International Inc. Customer Support at
1-800-323-1398 or the contact given below.

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