1 MBKeeper Pro Post Harvest

The Ultimate Antimicrobial Product for the Post Harvest Processing Industry.

Control microbial and enzymatic activity while promoting positive organoleptics and shelf life extension.

keeper-post-harvest-1KEEPER® Professional is an FDA approved [21 CFR 173.325] antimicrobial agent that is used to eliminate pathogens and extend shelf life in numerous post harvest fruit and vegetable applications. Per FDA’s Letter of No Objection provided to Bio-Cide, KEEPER® Professional is approved in water and ice that are used to rinse, wash, transport and store post harvest fruits and vegetables at concentrations below 500 ppm that are typically between 5-50 ppm.

  • Meet the required efficacy without altering flavorOMRI
  • Develop and maintain your reputation for quality products
  • Gain confidence of USDA inspectors by using the most trusted antimicrobial intervention technology
  • Integral component of your HACCP Plan
  • Organic Certified

keeper-post-harvest-2The KEEPER® Professional antimicrobial intervention program is simple to use and is highly effective against Salmonella, E. coli O157:H7, Listeria and many other pathogens of concern. KEEPER® Professional is trusted by inspectors as part of a successful HACCP Compliance program.

With Bio-Cide International’s patented delivery technology, KEEPER® Professional allows you to use the same chemistry from farm to fork.

KEEPER® Professional was developed by Bio-Cide International, the world-wide leader in acidified sodium Chlorite antimicrobial technologies. Bio-Cide’s KEEPER® Professional is activated at the time of use to produce the uniquely effective, food grade sanitizer, chlorine dioxide. Activated, KEEPER® Professional is added during processing and transporting to wash or rinse water and ice. KEEPER® Professional is the most effective, fast acting, broad-spectrum antimicrobial available.

KEEPER® Professional is the most effective, fast acting, broad-spectrum antimicrobial available.

keeper-post-harvest-3KEEPER® Professional has been shown to be more effective than other common sanitizers including quaternary ammonia, Iodophors, Peracetic acid and sodium hypochlorite (chlorine). KEEPER® Professional provides a comprehensive antimicrobial intervention program.

  • Ultra high, broad spectrum antimicrobial activity
  • Prevents formation of biofilm
  • Low toxicity
  • Low corrosion potential
  • No chlorination or THM formation
  • Effective over a broad pH range (1-10)
  • FDA approved up to 1200 ppm as sodium Chlorite
  • FDA-Letter of No Objection for concentrations lower than 500 ppm
  • keeper-seafood-4Can be used in water and ice
  • Resists neutralization due to organic load
  • No effect on organoleptic properties
  • No effect on nutritional quality
  • Exempt from declaration on the food product label
  • KOSHER certified
  • Economical to use
  • Can be used with automated delivery systems
  • Organic certified


The active ingredient in KEEPER® Professional is Acidified Sodium Chlorite that generates Chlorine Dioxide. To increase the speed of kill and efficacy of KEEPER® Professional, the pH of the solution can be reduced with any Food Grade GRAS acid to acidify the stabilized Sodium Chlorite.

Activation may be accomplished manually in low volume as batch applications; or with BCI’s hands-free, low cost AANE™ unit (non-electric), the Wall Mount Activation System™, or the on-line activation system OLAS™ Ti that combines activation with injection into water streams on the fly.