1 MBBioVex® Q&A

What is BioVex®?

BioVex® is a unique and proprietary blend of oxychloro chemistry that can be activated to generate a highly efficient and effective, broad spectrum, hospital-grade disinfectant that eliminates pathogens. It has EPA registration indicating utility on non-porous surfaces that commonly are the source of communicable infections.

How does BioVex® work?

BioVex® works by attacking the surfaces of the microbes and breaking them down. This eliminates the ability of the microbe to spread. It works on contact and continues to work until dry.

What does BioVex® kill?

BioVex® is a Bacteriacide, Viruscide, Fungicide, and Tuberculicide. BioVex® is uniquely effective against biofilm and is proven against blood borne pathogens such as MRSA, VRE, HIV, and HEP-C. It also controls A virus, Salmonella, Listeria, E-Colli and Trichophyton among others.

Can BioVex® be utilized on a variety of surfaces?

BioVex® can be safely used with great efficacy on Steel, laminate, ceramics, vinyl, plastic and other non-porous surfaces. Even non-pourous surfaces that appear soft such as vinyl and plastic covered chairs and mattresses can be effectively treated without penetrating through the surface to the inner material.

How frequently should I apply BioVex® to a surface?

For the greatest efficacy, BioVex® should be used as part of a daily routine on all common non-porous surfaces. It should also be used more frequently between every contact by an individual on target contact areas.

Do I need to rinse or clean surfaces after spraying BioVex® ?

No! BioVex® requires no finish rinse. Simply apply it and forget it. In fact, it continues its action until the treated surface area is dry. It leaves no active residue behind.

What is the shelf life of the BioVex® concentrate solution prior to activation?

BioVex® has a shelf life of One Year from ship date. BioVex® should be stored in a cool, dark place. It is shipped in non-light transmitting bottles in boxes so light is no problem. While it does not require refrigeration or other special warehousing, it should not be stored in excessively hot environments.

How do I activate and prepare BioVex® disinfectant?

BioVex® is provided in matched bottle to activator packaging. Everything is pre-measured and easy to use. Simply add the entire contents of the activator pack to the matched bottle of concentrate, shake for a few seconds, and then add the entire activated concentrate to the appropriate amount of tap water indicated on the package. The resulting application solution is then ready to use.

Why is it necessary to activate BioVex® disinfectant?

The oxychloro chemistry has the best efficacy when activated with the supplied GRAS activator. Activation causes the formation of stabilized chlorine dioxide, the most effective, broad-spectrum antimicrobial available for non-porous surfaces. Since it is normal for there to be a trace odor of chlorine during activation, the product should be mixed in a room with adequate ventilation.

How long can the activated application solution of BioVex® be used?

The application solution of BioVex® maintains its full efficacy for one week from the day it is mixed. New application solutions should therefore be made as needed, but no longer than weekly.

Who is Bio-Cide International, Inc?

Bio-Cide International is the worldwide leader in stabilized chlorine dioxide chemistry. With more than 35 years of application experience providing microbial control solutions, Bio-Cide has pioneered the use of the technology for thousands of food, drinking water, human and animal health applications. Continuing in-house R&D, regulatory affairs and ISO certified management programs insure that clients receive state of the art professional services and assistance.