The New Standard in Sanitation

Oxine Purogene EnviroCon Sanogene Keeper

Bio-Cide International, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide and Acidified Sodium Chlorite sanitizers and disinfectants.Bio-Cide International also manufactures stabilized chlorine dioxide based cosmetic products. Bio-Cide pioneered the approval for food contact surface sanitation (1985) and received approvals for seafood sanitation (1999) and red meat processing (2005). Bio-Cide is an ISO 2001:2008 certified company.

Our company excels in the areas of research and development of unique formulations, delivery systems and other market-driven solutions. Our products have strong biocidal activity and a broad spectrum of kill against a wide range of disease-causing microorganisms. Bio-Cide International, Inc. has extensive expertise in assisting red meat, poultry, food and bottled water processing plants with regulatory compliance, HACCP implementation and other food safety and biosecurity issues.

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